Friday, April 1, 2011

Rain Frustration.

So, as you might have noticed by now, there's supposed to be an element of biking to this blog. Why hasn't there been? One simple reason: I live in Olympia. Where, in case you didn't know, it rains. All the damn time.

For the last week or so, not only has there been rain, there's been radioactive rain. To be fair, you get more radiation from a dental x-ray than the amount of radioactive fallout on any of the given days thusfar, but having had to go out in it every day has been... well, like seven or eight dental x-rays. And it's been giving me headaches.

This is not the point, though. The point is that I'm blind without my glasses, and glasses plus rain plus biking equals no. And, because I live in Olympia, where it rains all the damn time, that means I can't untie my bike and go for a ride. I've had her stuck down in the bike shelter all winter long, tires rotting off, inner tubes going limp, waiting.

So yesterday it was a clear, beautiful day. Leslie and I needed to go grocery shopping, and ended up running into a friend of ours who ended up ferrying us around in her car in exchange for a couple pounds of meat and a soda and an ice-cream sandwich. (on that note, I've successfully found Safe ice-cream sandies. More on that some other time.) The point is that I didn't get to take my bike out for a spin when it was clear and warm.

And today, it's raining. Again. Just like it was for a week. The paths are flooding, the sky is gray, and I will probably end this day cold and damp. Because just when I thought that the sky might let up enough so that I could put new tires on my bike and go for a spin... the sky started leaking again.

Uuuugh. I feel so incredibly fat and out of shape right now. I haven't been able to get any exercise all winter, because it's been so rainy and cold and hellish and I've been... swamped... in homework. And now, the weather is taunting me.

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