Saturday, March 26, 2011

A touchy subject?

I cannot help but think that in embracing my Flagrant Tranny-ness, I have somehow revoked my Vagina Card.

Don't get my wrong. I happen to be a man who loves his cunt. It's just that I don't seem to be able talk about things like feminism or male privilege without wondering if someone out there thinks that I am attempting to take advantage of that very privilege.

I read something today which made claims that Transwomen attempting to use Woman-only facilities are guilty of taking advantage of male privilege.

This... bothered me. As a Transman, I routinely find myself outside of any and all privilege. I am not considered "female", therefore I can't get away with the Most Common Superpower. I'm not quite male, so I really, really can't get away with Male Privilege.

So. Now, away with the polite language. If you're sensitive, (and if you're sensitive, why are you reading this in the first place?) stop now.

WHAT THE FLYING FUCK? WHY DO PEOPLE ASSUME THAT ANYONE WITH THE PREFIX OF "TRANS" CAN GET AWAY WITH ANY, ANY, ANY SORT OF PRIVILEGE? It is not uncommon for my sister to get screamed at about being a man in the woman's bathroom. I don't even bother going into the men's room, because I just don't pass. At all. And I don't feel like getting hurt because some asshole doesn't think I should be there.

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