Wednesday, May 8, 2013

No, you can't get T, but let's set you up for a pap smear...

As mentioned before, my family is very poor. My mother and I have the state run insurance, or at least I will for another couple of years until she can no longer claim me as a dependent.

And today I was finally arsed to get the ball rolling in the direction of taking T.

The first phone call to Molina Health revealed that Testosterone injections, as related to Gender Dysphoria, are not medically necessary. I could not help but to call the bullshit there. I know it wasn't her fault. I know that she was simply relaying the information given to her.

But goddamnit I wanted to reach through the phone and shake her till her teeth rattled, and tell her all about my detailed fantasies about self-surgery with a .22.

None of this was helped by the fact that the first thing the ever-so-helpful customer service representative did was inform me that there is a recommendation for a pap smear on my chart, and would I like to set that up? No, no thank you, I would like to set up an appointment to get that removed...

(On that note, actually no, no I would not: While I will be more than overjoyed when the bleeding stops, I am comfortable enough with my microphallus, and have too many reservations about surgery to consider anything more than a mastectomy at this point. Beyond that, I am young enough currently to be unsure as to my wishes to procreate: I would like to have the option of utilizing my Creation Box, should I eventually decide to. But all of this is the subject of another post.)

That phone call left me with the frustrating "It's just not a covered benefit..."

So I let myself calm down for a minute, and called them back.

"So I'm transgender and need testosterone injections, which apparently aren't covered under my plan. So how do I contest this?"

The second phone was more promising.

"It's not a covered benefit" means something more along the lines of "Well, it's not something everyone will need, so we won't cover it unless your doctor says you need it, and then it's not a guaranteed yes."

Apparently I need to get my Primary Care Provider to send an authorization form, after which they'll probably cover my T, given medical necessity. Think that recurrent self-destructive fantasies and constant body dysmorphia and dysphoria might perhaps be clues as to the medical necessity of a treatment? I do...

So. Time to call my Primary Care Provider and set up an appointment with her. My status has changed since the last time I went to the doctor, and it takes a minute to update my information. The nice lady on the phone puts me on hold to transfer me to my doctor's staff to make an appointment, and....

My phone dies.

Well, I almost got something actually done today...

PS: And my common coffee shop inexplicably has a phone charger, plugged in and abandoned at least over night, that fits my phone. I may get something done today after all.

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