Thursday, March 29, 2012

On Time Travel and Job Interviews.

The twenty-first-century job market is not Time Traveller friendly.

This may seem obvious to you, but it has really, really put a damper on my ability to find a job.

I should back up.

All throughout highschool, I dressed like a Time Traveller. I wore cloaks and corsets and floofy shirts and tall books. I fenced and ran around at night in a swamp. I was often stopped on the street and asked if I was in a play or on my way to a Renn fair or something.

I really like the style of clothing associated with the middle ages. It's comfortable, serviceable, and durable. It looks good on me, and hides my barrel chest.

Over this past weekend, I went on an Extreme LARP in the woods behind my old college. It was amazing, and fun, and cathartic. For the better part of a day, my cellphone was a Whisper Stone (scrying mirror), and I was a bronze-age warrior patrolling the boundaries of my clan's territory, following the streams and finding a clay deposit by the beach with which to make an urn for my father.

Yesterday, I dressed up in my kilt and floofy shirt and jerkin and went out Freaking the Mundanes while mailing a payment for my roommate's White Charger that she couldn't get in the mail because she worked too late.

In short, over the past few days, I've been a Time Traveller again, and have had so much fun doing it.

But I have a job interview tomorrow. I was told to wear "Professional Attire."

As a Time Traveller, I have no idea what that means.

At the moment, the outfit I've put together consists of a pale lilac checked shirt (it's better than it sounds), a massively stylized floral tie, my corduroy pants, and a suit jacket, with my black boots because that's the shoes I have for this weather. This is, more or less, the outfit I've worn to all of my job interviews.

I keep feeling like I'm doing something wrong, here...

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