Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer - not over yet.

This summer has been a hectic one.

To start with, sometime between last July and this, I misplaced my inventory for my one big show. In the three weeks between losing my job (more on that later) and setting out for the Fair, I frantically made nowhere near enough inventory. Therefore my display looked bare, and I didn't have enough things to sell.  Grawr.

I found my inventory within three days of getting home from said event.

So that (Making inventory, going to Fair, setting up for Fair, having Fair, and then tearing down and getting home) bit a month and a half out of my summer.

August led to running out to Spokane to spend time with my mother and help my little sis at a convention. Two weeks of living in a trance in the Back Woods and helping get the house ready to shut down, and that's the first half of August gone. Worth it, but gone.

Over labour day weekend, I'll be in Vancouver (Washington) at Kumoricon, where Little Sis Meip and I will have a table in the Artist's Alley.

Also, I've found that my dysphoria is now too strong for me to use my (beautiful, splendid, fast, girl's) bike. I've gotten on it all of three times this summer, and not for lack of wanting to. I just can't ride the damn thing. Also, the frame is probably bent from the one accident I've been in. While I still love my bike, and it is still a good bike, I just can't do it.  I'm currently on the quest for a good guy's bike to last me until I can get a new one. I'm considering begging my roommate to let me borrow her (Ancient, fast guy's) bike.

Now that all my excuses are out of the way, lets move on.

I've started reading again, on a "real" level. I have been a Very Good Student for the past few years, and read almost exclusively what I was assigned to read for class.

My pleasure-reading ability atrophied somewhere around the middle of senior year.

And then I discovered that book-review blogs and two-hundred-page mysteries are the perfect training regime to get back up to reading properly again (Getting enjoyment, not just information, out of what I'm reading...).

In the past month or so, I have devoured five of Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael mysteries, and am chomping on the sixth. I'm hoping to put up a review that I'm working on of one of them, soon, but it would seem my non-essay-writing skills have also atrophied a little, so that's taking longer than it should.

In any case, I'm ending this here and hopefully I'll be getting a little more active on this now.


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