Thursday, June 2, 2011

Needles. I are insane...

I have a needle phobia. I think it stems from Novocaine at the doctor's office. Therefore, my shitty teeth are directly responsible for my needle phobia.

Okay. So I have one. What do I do about this phobia? Do I work hard to avoid needles as much as possible? Do I avoid giving blood and getting tests done? Do I fail at sewing?


I learn how to sew. I sew through my fingers at age fifteen. I keep sewing anyway. I take up needle-felting (which often involves stabbing myself repeatedly in the hand when I slip). I embroider. I give blood whenever I can. I become a fucking tattoo artist. I'm soon going to get my ears re-pierced.

In other words, I do everything I can to put myself in close proximity to needles at every opportunity. Well, other than doing drugs or becoming diabetic. Or both. Though, at some point in the future, I will become dependant on a biweekly injection to remain sane and in the shape I want. But that's at least a year out...

Meanwhile, I'm needle-felting a set of dreadlocks for an event tomorrow.

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