Friday, December 17, 2010

Who am I?

My name is Rori. Rather, that's the Anglicization of the Gaelicization of a shortened form of my given name. The full form of my preferred name is Ruaridh, a Gaelophone name which translates to "Red King". As a readheaded transboi, this fits me perfectly. I am twenty two years old, and a senior at the Evergreen State College. I have been dressing as a man since I was sixteen and convinced my mother that boy's clothes hold up better than girl's clothes do.

My passion: Music. My other ten million passions: Everything else.

Most notably, however, I am a cyclist and a visual artist, manifesting in the hobby of being a webcomicer.

I am currently finishing up my BA, and will be shooting for a PhD in Ethnomusicology. My roommates, classmates, and friends have called me a "Mini Sean Williams". This is the teacher with whom I have studied the most over the past three years, and whom I idolize in no small way. More will come on Ethnomusicology, and Sean, in a later post.

I am slowly working on three webcomics, juggling them around school and what passes for a social life. Mostly, this is done in fits and spurts, when I have time. For instance, in the past week, I have completed about five pages of one, which is created entirely by hand, save for the lettering.

Before I turn thirty, I intend to complete the Great Divide Bicycle Race, which is requires over a hundred miles of bicycle travel a day, from Canada to Mexico, along the Great Divide.

Also before my thirtieth birthday, I intend to complete my Transition.

As a friend of mine once said, "So there's a shoe, some asparagus, and a tuna, but it's not worth mentioning that they are all deep blue, huh? Nice." What this boils down to is that I am obsessed with the sea, and all things nautical, particularly Tall Ships. The above quote was in answer to me filling out one of those "All about Me" surveys, and leaving out the nautical obsession.

And That, I believe, is the end of this introduction.

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